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Your Website Is Live – What Next?

Your Website Is Live – What Next?

So you survived the design phase, and you have this awesome website, but what comes next? How do you get views? How do you acquire an audience?

This doesn’t happen all by itself. I often get asked “My website is live, why can’t I see it on Google?”. Firstly, it takes time to appear on Google. Remember that Google is data reliant. It may take a bit of time before you start to see a return in Google Searches. It is up to you to get views on your website in the beginning stages.

Think about it this way:

You open a car wash, you don’t have signs up yet indicating that you’re open. How are people supposed to know that you even exist? This blog will help you with some ideas on getting that signage up and telling people that you are open and where they can find you.

First Things First – Google Analytics

I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it – Google Analytics is absolutely necessary to gather valuable data, and it is completely free. You’ve got to set this up before you do anything. Without it you are losing valuable information and in this day and age information is what makes you or breaks you.

How to set it up?

Make sure you have a Gmail set aside for business only.

Click this link to go to Google Analytics – then click “Sign Up”.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to set up Google Analytics.

Side Note: What is http or https?

This refers to your websites SSL certificate. “What is an SSL certificate?”, you ask. I’ll cover this in detail in a blog post one day, but basically it’s a digital certificate that provides authentication for your website. Telling everyone that your website is safe and secure. If you do not have one, I urge you to speak to your Hosting Services Provider (HSP) about getting your SSL certificate. They are absolutely free. I cannot understate how important an SSL certificate is. Why? Well there are penalties for websites that do not have this feature. Namely that your website may be lower in the list of search results.

Once your Google Analytics is set up, you’ve started gathering data from the folks who visit your website. Give it a month or two before you check back. When you eventually have gathered enough data, the following information is what is going to help you:

  • Age
  • Area
  • Gender
  • Platform

Access to this information opens the doors to a form of advertising called “Demographic Segmentation” which is a cheaper, more targeted approach at advertising.

Next – Set up a Google My Business Account.

Click this link to go to Google My Business – then click “Sign Up”.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to set up Google My Business.

Side Note: Google My Business may take up to 22 days to verify, but get the ball rolling – more lines in the water is the ultimate goal here.

What next?

Once you have these two accounts set up it’s time to start putting yourself out there. For paid advertising I strongly recommend advertising on Google using Google Ad Words and of course Facebook Ads help as well. However, you can absolutely get by without them, it’s just a slower process.

If you’re going the “free” route, you have to be on the lookout for any opportunities to post your website link.

Join a local Facebook Business Group. Posting on these groups or commenting on requests and questions by group members provides you with opportunities to get your name out there. Introduce yourself to your community and push for some traffic. Engage, react, like and comment on other peoples posts with valuable information.

Publish to your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that your website is now live. Ask your friends and family for support. Pretty soon you’ll find people starting to tag you or post your link on other peoples posts who may be looking for recommendations. Allowing your friends and family to watch you grow will help you in the sense that you have more eyes combing feeds and tagging you in opportunities that pop up on their own feed.

Be generous. I cannot state this enough, the world is a tough place and honestly it is a dog eat dog world, but that’s why this works. If you can give small bits of information or help a person in need without it sinking your business – do it!

People respond really well to kindness and if you are seen to be a helpful member of a community, people will take care of you and help you to grow. You can achieve this by publishing a blog (wink wink) or posting helpful tips on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I’d say a good ratio to keep is 75% information and 25% marketing. If you are producing good content, people return, they subscribe and share which ultimately gets your name and link out there for all the right reasons.


Encourage people to leave reviews on your Google My Business and Facebook as well. When looking at a service or a business these are the first places people look to see if a business is legitimate or if there is any bad blood.

Did you find this post helpful? Would you like to know more? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Dani Bateman

I am the owner and founder of Fat Unicorn.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in WordPress Website design and thoroughly enjoy making information look beautiful. Chat to me today about your design woes, I may have an ace or two up my sleeve that I've been saving especially for you.

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