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SEO: What does it mean?

SEO: What Does It Mean?

You’ve heard the term SEO float by a few times, but what does it actually mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and you really don’t need to be intimidated by it. It’s not insanely complicated, but it does take time.

Basically what it means is that your website is optimized to work with Google. After all,  making your website easier to find is probably the best way to start bringing hits onto your website before you even implement any marketing tactics, so it is pretty important.

But how does it work?

Google has a specific set of requirements that it checks off as it reads your website, among other things; it will check if your Copy (text content) is correctly assembled and spelled correctly with grammar checks done too, it’ll check if your chosen search key words or phrases are repeated enough throughout the page and a bunch more other things that I won’t bore you with; the full list is easily found if you wish to Google, but it also checks when last your website was edited, and how long people are actually browsing your website for.

All of the factors are added, subtracted and tallied to form a SEO score, this score is then used by Google to decide where to place your website when people search Google for your chosen Keywords or even similar Keywords.

It goes without saying that the more SEO “checkpoints” you fail, the lower you sit in the Google Search.

SEO also takes time. It’s data reliant and so you really do have to sometimes just leave it for a month to gauge whether you’re on the right track or not.

How to get on the right path?

I like to use a tool called Google Analytics to do this, don’t stress, it’s free.

Using Google Analytics you can view what hits you get off of each keyword you have chosen to use and you can adjust accordingly over time.

Now, when I say “adjust” I mean try out different keywords and implement them into your copy, always remember that SEO is multifaceted so you can’t just change the keywords, Google checks that those keywords are actually applicable to your website. You also don’t want irrelevant traffic, quality over quantity is what you should be aiming for.

SEO is tricky but not impossible, it is much easier to build a website with SEO in mind, but it isn’t impossible to implement it afterwards either. You could probably do it yourself if you spent enough time and got to know the technologies but if you really want to do the thing properly, chat to me about a copywriter. If you leave it to professionals, then  you don’t really need to worry about it.

Dani Bateman

I am the owner and founder of Fat Unicorn.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in WordPress Website design and thoroughly enjoy making information look beautiful. Chat to me today about your design woes, I may have an ace or two up my sleeve that I've been saving especially for you.

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