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Search Engines – How Do They Work?

Search Engines – How Do They Work?

There are more search engines in existence than Google. However, most search engines work the same way. It’s a pretty straight forward algorithm. The Search Query (The term typed into the search engine) prompts a data crawler (call it a bot) that sifts through the massive index of web pages looking specifically for web pages that contain the typed search query, which then pulls up the most relevant webpages in the search results.

Understanding this process is helpful when we are formulating our content. If you can understand that people will type a specific word or phrase to find you, you can simply repeat that word or phrase (as well as similar words or phrases) a good few times throughout your webpage. The more you repeat, the better you look to the bots, the higher you sit on the list of results. It really is that easy.

Don’t feel like reading? Check out this video.

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