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Yvonne's Kennels

Yvonne’s Kennels  – a pet sitting business based in KZN – 2 Page Website Design

The Website was compiled of

  • An About Section
  • History Section
  • A Services Showcase Section
  • A Contact Page with Online Booking Function and Map

Design Aesthetic:

  • Clean and Simple
  • Optimized for quick view
  • Data-light

The key to this websites success was to keep things simple – the main goal being for people to be able to access the website quickly and place their bookings while still informing the new comers. Content is easily divided up using color breaks – making this website friendly to audiences eyes – establishing a smooth flow of content. It was essential to guide the audience to contact them directly For bookings and Inquiries while emphasis is placed on the business history – having been passed down through 3 different generations – they have a long history and it is essential for people to trust them – after all, would you entrust your precious fur-babies to just anyone? or rather someone whom you know has been around for years and is very well thought of and trusted through their decades of dedicated pet care?

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Let's Take a Closer Look!

Yvonne’s Kennels  – a pet sitting business based in KZN – 2 Page Website Design

The Contact Page Contains

  • Map – they are quite far out in the sticks, so clients can easily find them by using this easily accessible Google Maps feature
  • Contact Form Pop-Up – for Price Inquiries or other requests for information
  • Booking Request Form Pop-Up – Clients can enter all their information and book online quickly while they organize their holiday.
  • Visible Contact Details – for those who wish to hear a human voice.
  • Operating Hours – So that their audience can see when they are open to ensure the pups don’t get too stressed out.
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