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Amber and Zo

Amber and Zo – a small business that sells swimwear based in KZN – 1 Page Website Design

  • Recently Fat Unicorn took part in a HUGE give away as an introduction to the Upper Highway Inspiring Women Group  – we gave away 10 websites to 10 lucky ladies in the upper Highway Area – this is one of the winners.
  • This is also the pilot run of my COS Solution (Cheaper Online Shopping Solution) and has so far proven to be quite the success.

The Website was compiled of

  • An About Section
  • A Products Section
  • A Contact Section
  • COS Solution

Design Aesthetic:

  • Subtle
  • Laid Back
  • Feminine

The key to this websites success was small pops of light purple in accents such as buttons and separators – this ensures that the eye is always drawn to their gorgeous swimwear. We introduced the Order Online form as a means to garner sales through the website without having to go the eCommerce route (until the client has grown enough to scale up to full eCommerce) – the goal of this website being sales driven.

The Products are laid out in an easily editable and easy viewing format and the form is also easy enough to edit – having taught the client to edit these items on her own – she can now update her in stock items on both her website and order form.

Once an order is placed by a visitor – the information of that order is emailed to the business owner and she can then get in touch with her customer and issue an invoice of her own to collect payment – it is a much more hands on approach at a fraction of the cost of what eCommerce even starts at.

Simultaneously – while the order information is sent to the business owner – an auto-response is sent to her new customer containing acknowledgement that the order has been received and that someone will be in touch with them shortly – these auto-responses are fully customizable so you can actually decide if you just want to say thank you or if you’d like to send through a full on procedure of what the client should expect and specific time frames for added measure –  the choice is yours!

Check it out here.

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