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Copy Writing – Where To Begin

Copy Writing – Where To Begin

This blog post is about copy writing. What is copy writing? Copy Writing is the process of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that motivate people to take some form of action. Copy is the text content on your website.

You need copy for an “About Us” section on your website at the very least, but you’re not sure where to start.

Don’t fret, the very best of us get writers block.

Here’s a few starting points:

Start at the source of all asks – Google Trends

Make sure your Geo-Tag is set correctly to area(s) your target market would be in.

How to Chose Words

Go for the obvious

Meaning use words that you think your target might try using when looking for what you are offering.

Try to use relevant search words, this will ensure that you rather gain quality traffic which means a better chance of conversion from click to sale. Nobody buys from a website offering something they weren’t looking for.

Google Trends is a free tool – Use It


I design small but scalable websites for small businesses who don’t have heaps of content. The concept is to grow your website along with your business and only pay for what you need.

People looking for my services would probably use words like: “Website Design” or “Digital Design”

Using Google Trends, You can determine popularity between your chosen words.

Below is a comparison between the search words “Website Design” vs. “Digital Design”, just to use as an example.

This was the result of my own search

Why is this useful?

This information is useful because it reveals which words are more popular in searches. By using words that are more popular to your target audience, your website is more noticeable to search engines when your target audience use those words.

Tell People What You Do

Using the popular “search words” that you have found in Google Trends, type up a few points telling people what you do.

Refine your points further into paragraphs repeating the “search words” a few times, while still ensuring that the readers can still follow you nicely.

The next step will help you fill in some blanks.

People who have clicked onto your website want to be drawn to your product or service the way you are. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, your buyers cannot be passionate about buying.

Tell People Why Your Product/Service Is Amazing

Talk to your audience. Get your audience talking to you; conversation bridges a gap between you and your target market.

Read What You Have Written From A Strangers Perspective

People want to read what you’ve got to say, but not that much. If it feels like you are droning, edit it down a bit and try break up the text. Maybe some of your copy needs to go under their own sections, or in blog posts.

Editing down does not mean completely discarding any given information either. in fact, the more information you can give your audience the better.

Highlight the Important Bits

The most important parts of your copy will be your selling points.

Make sure that you draw attention to these important areas. If you are using a designer, make sure your designer knows that these are the important phrases or sections that are your selling points.

If you still find you have gaps

Go back to Google Trends and type background related phrases until you find something that fits.

A lot of the beginning stages of your copy is trial and error based, not everything is going to work. In which case, you simply try something else until eventually you are exactly where you want to be in terms of traffic volumes and SEO Score.

If you have the dosh, hire a copy-writer

You never can go wrong hiring a professional. If you are seeking the services of a quality copy-writer at fair cost I can personally recommend some good people for you. Simply reach out Here.

Dani Bateman

I am the owner and founder of Fat Unicorn.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in WordPress Website design and thoroughly enjoy making information look beautiful. Chat to me today about your design woes, I may have an ace or two up my sleeve that I've been saving especially for you.

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