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Digital Design

A quick and clean, simple 1 Page website, designed using WordPress to scale up later when you’ve grown a bit. You don’t need more than one page to make your mark! Keep it small and simple at the start and grow your Brand and your following organically.

Ready to grow? chat to Dani about adding to your website.

Brand Strategy for the little guy

A Brand Strategy is a formal plan used by you to create a specific image for yourself in the minds of your current and potential clients.

Using various tools, I gather and analyze data. I then use the data I gather to help you build your brand.

The Concept

1 Page Websites that are designed to scale up as you grow.

Because you shouldn’t be ashamed of being new, you shouldn’t have to try fill up a big website with content that you don’t yet have and you certainly shouldn’t have to pay for that either.

This website was built on this very concept. Watch it grow.

Up Next:

Mail Chimp is a fantastic tool to use for email marketing campaigns and newsletters. Personally, I plan to use the tool to mass deliver notifications of new blog posts and marketing reminders for content changes closer to important dates, but you can launch a very successful marketing strategy from MailChimp. The best part is, it’s free.

completed ahead of schedule

a super important, easy to use tool that you can use to grab some returning traffic.


This post will help you to learn how to look for the most relevant key words and phrases to use when thinking about your copy.


By now I have a few posts published, I think it would look better if they had their own dedicated page.

E.T.A. – Thursday, 14 April 2020

a portfolio would be a visually informative way to showcase my talents to my audience. I mean, if we’re being honest here, you’d seriously like to see my other work, wouldn’t you? If you saw my work, would you be more likely to make contact? I’ll leave you with these questions. Mull it over while I assemble my fabulous portfolio.


About Us


Fat Unicorn was initially started in 2017 as a sort of virtual jungle gym for me, Dani Bateman, to practice Design. Back then Fat Unicorn was an e-commerce store, selling goods that I crafted for fun.

The Brand was quirky and wild, I had a lot of fun with it. But life steered me down a different path, I got busy with my (what was at the time) main business that I co-created with my husband, Lael Bateman, and I had little time for hobbies, so Fat Unicorn was put on the back burner and lay dormant for the next two years.

And then…

As luck would have it, we sold our business. My husband is now working in a field he thoroughly enjoys and I get to follow my heart, and that is why we’re here.

I circled back to this brand while in the process of tying off the loose ends from my other company, Define Digital. I loved the Brand; I could not let it go; and so I repurposed to hone my talents in Website Design and Brand Strategy at realistic and affordable rates.

You Don’t Need More Than One Page To Make Your Mark!

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Everyone starts small, the prices should too...

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