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Get A One Page Website Design

For Just R2000

paid in 50/50 Increments!

We’ll teach you how to add to and edit your own content too!

1 Page Websites that are designed to scale up as you grow.

A quick and clean, simple 1 page website, designed using WordPress to scale up as you grow. You don’t need more than one page to make your mark and the content required is minimal!

We also offer bigger websites to suit your needs.

3 Page Websites that are designed to be easily editable - saving you time and money.

A stunningly simple 3 page website – designed using WordPress to be easily editable and scalable. If you desire something a little more elaborate – this may just be the option for you!

COS Solution - Cheaper Online Shopping Solutions.

Can’t afford eCommerce? No problem! This solution allows you to garner online orders without spending thousands of rands!

Easily editable – but more hands on – we can either teach you to edit and add to your products on your own – or simply sign up for a Monthly Management Package to do it for you!

Cost Saving Graphics Now Available!

Need a logo for cheap cheap? Fat Unicorn now offers simple logo designs that are easy on your pocket!

We’re also offering social media tiles for R100 each! Need more than one? Ask about a monthly package – We have special discounts for bulk options available. Check out our portfolio or chat to Dani about getting yours today!

Custom Options & Packages Available - Chat to Dani Today

The COS Solution - Cheaper Online Shopping Solution

eCommerce is expensive – but why should that stop you?

Did you know that you can still garner online orders without eCommerce?

All it takes is an order form and a gallery!

But How Does It Work?

The Products are laid out in an easily editable and easy viewing Gallery format, coupled with an online order form that is also easy enough to edit. – Click Here to see an example.

Once an order is placed by a visitor – the information of that order is emailed to the business owner and who can then get in touch with their customer and issue an invoice of their own to collect payment – it is a much more hands on approach, though a fraction of the cost of what eCommerce even starts at.

Simultaneously – while the order information is sent to the business owner – an auto-response is sent to the new customer containing acknowledgement that the order has been received and that someone will be in touch with them shortly – these auto-responses are fully customizable so you can actually decide if you just want to say thank you or if you’d like to send through a full on procedure of what the client should expect and specific time frames for added measure – the choice is yours!

No Time For Editing? Chat To Dani Today About Our New Monthly Management Packages!

Are you too busy or technologically challenged to edit your own website?

Fat Unicorn now offers Monthly Management Packages – keep your content fresh and up to date and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg either!

About Us


Fat Unicorn was initially started in 2017 as a sort of virtual jungle gym for me, Dani Bateman, to practice Website Design. Back then Fat Unicorn was an e-commerce store, selling goods that I crafted for fun while I up-skilled myself in Website Design.

Having been in this industry for a good few years now, I noticed a problem that a lot of new businesses face: Content.

I set up this concept to accommodate the little guy, so to speak.

Using my concept you can communicate everything you need to your audience in a stunning layout that is easy to scale up or down at your leisure. This means that you only pay for what you need as and when you need it (if you ever need it).

Wouldn’t it be grand if you could grow your website the same way you do your business?

Everyone starts small, the prices should too...

Dani is really friendly and would love to hear from you!

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        063 148 1489

        [email protected]

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